11001890_10204904532830453_9082098292158034570_nIn a 90-minute mat session, one repertoire to another repertoire flows like water in the river. Flowing is one of the 10 (ten) BASI Pilates principles, which plays an important role during the session with the goal of preparing body and mind to a fun challenging movement. It is beneficial to connect our body and mind; and stimulate muscles, fascia, and nervous system to work at their optimum level during the class and afterwards for daily activities.

Pilates with BASI flow will give a sense of achievement, the bliss which develops your body uniformly, improve the body and mind awareness, restore physical vitality, invigorate the mind and elevate the spirit.

Svarga e-motion Sanctuary has been as BASI Pilates host in Indonesia for 9 years, with the mission of educating pilates enthusiast to become a professional Pilates teacher. Home based in Costa Mesa California, BASI Pilates is more than 25 years in creating world class Pilates professionals, and Abigail is one of the Indonesian graduates and mentors.

Join Abigail Angkawijaya class at ‪#‎YOGFEST2015‬ , Taman Menteng, Saturday 25 April 2015.

ADEL 0818667744/ adeline.windy@gmail.com
LILY 081399016106/ agustine.purnama@gmail.com
SHANTI 0817269015/ eka.shanti@gmail.com
TYO 08128402234/ dwibudisusetyo@gmail.com

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