Thofan ; Let’s Discover Our Own Self


Thofan moved in to Bali in 2015 from hustle bustle of Jakarta. The serenity of Ubud and calmness of yoga surprisingly synced well to his energy. Couples of months after, faith brought him to be part of the family member of The Yoga Barn as an Event Coordinator and Guest Relation. Holding two important roles, got him privilege to experience and explore all of yoga classes at The Yoga Barn.

January 2017, one magical thing happened. High Vibe Yoga School gave him full scholarship as his first 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Emily Kuser, one of his fave teacher at The Yoga Barn, whom he usually practice with. In his spare time after, Thofan started his teaching journey in community Bahasa Indonesia at YB, community yoga in Yayasan Bumi Sehat for staff also private classes for some resorts and villas around Ubud.

In 2018, Thofan decided to leave the admin job at The Yoga Barn to expand his horizon in Yoga Teaching. Therefore, he continued his study with Tina Nance and completed a 100 hour Yin Yoga, immersed his understanding of yoga Philosophy with Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga) and Bex Tyrer (Freedom through Movements), also in August 2018 he deserved 500 hour certification in Mysore, India with Balsundra Srinatha from Daneshe Yoga Vidyalaya. He also just finished mentoring 200 hour Teacher Training Trauma Informed Yoga with Yoga for Humankind. Now Thofan would love to share his practice with everyone at any studio, events and private classes anywhere in the world.

Teaching yoga, for Thofan, is not only about putting some information, knowledge, wisdom or even personal practice into someone’s routines or transform their body and mind. As he agree what his teacher, Mark Whitwell, says, “Everyone is a yogi. Most of them, they don’t know that they are.” So, it’s in his intention to let people realize that they are a yogi by encouraging them to practice yoga comfortably in their own way. Let’s discover our own style, find our true self in our own practice.

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