331495_2185902680214_2825024_oWatie Eshuis started learning yoga since 2007 when she had many health problems. Completed Teacher Training at Yoga Leaf in 2008 and has attended more than 40 yoga workshops from International Yoga teachers, including healing and meditation workshops . She attended Yoga Conference in 2008 in Hongkong in June 2008 and shivananda Yoga vacation and stayed in ashram, in India in December 2012. Completed training as Laugther Yoga Leader taught by Dr Madan Kataria MD in 2013. She has shared laughter yoga with many retreats such as at International Yoga conference organised by Ananda Marga in Bandung and at 5 stars hotel in Jakarta , Banks, for special package for Executive members or outbound and at Yoga Teachers Training.

Her interest on self healing, meditation and chakras brought her to the practice of Kundalini Yoga taught by Maya Feines and she has shared her experience with her students. Her first teaching of Kundalini Yoga and emotional healing was at the YogFestival 2014.

Completed Meditation Basic Bali Usada, Art of Living Basic Course , self healing of Quantum Touch I,II ( Advanced Course), quantum for scoliosis, and Opening Heart Meditation at Padmajaya. She has completed Joy of Living Meditation I and II by Tergar Jakarta in 2013-2014 and completed as a coach for Capacitar healing in 2015.



Short information for her classes at YogFest 2015:


Kundalini Yoga : 24 April 2015 at 0900-1100 : “Awakening Your Innner Self and Be Yourself”

Yoga asanas for stimulating chakras, with pranayama, meditation and chant/sing. Introduction of Chakras. Healing dance to remove bad energy, stress and fatigue from the body and feel the beauty of self. Closing with circle healing..

“Capacitar Healing : Living in Wellness” : 25 April 2015 at 13.00-15.00

Body Mind and Spirit practices for stress, trauma and Fatique..with fingerholds, the holds and many more. Tai Chi and healing dance. Walking on Labyrinth a walking meditation,a spiritual tool, that leads to healing, self-knowledge, peace, and finding our purpose in life.

“Laughter Yoga : Laughing as Body Therapy”

The benefit of Laughter yoga : Boasting the energy, good for blood circulation, releasing stress, feeling confident, happy and help to stay positive in everyday life. Just move the body , play as kids and laugh….



Informasi dan pemesanan tiket YogFest 2015:

LILY 081399016106/ agustine.purnama@gmail.com

SHANTI 0817269015/ eka.shanti@gmail.com

TYO 08128402234/ dwibudisusetyo@gmail.com


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